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This site is dedicated to the preservation of the rock and roll music
that hit the airwaves in the sixties!
Each and every song, each and every artist!

  1. Two Lovers
    Mary Wells
    peaked at # 7


Due to the technology being used on this site, it is not possible to directly download.
Links will not show the true path to the song.
If you want to download the songs, try as they have most of the songs.


Copyright is given to the author or composer.
Not necessarily the artist who performed the song.
Many artists also write their own songs so they own the copyright as well.
In order for a radio station, or even today, a web site, it is necessary to obtain the rights to broadcast those songs.
Mr. Oldies is properly licensed to act as a broadcasting web site.

The Great Copyright Battle

With the advent of the internet, it becane a great source for people to acquire copyrighted material without having to pay for it.
Someone wrote a program that would allow others to share files over the internet.
This program, known as NAPSTER, irked the powers that be at the RIAA.
The main group that oversees the rights of performing artists.
The RIAA said sharing files was illegal as it violated the copyright act.
The courts did not agree. File sharing is legal.
The RIAA then began clamping down on people by tracking down their IP's and finding out where that IP was being used at. A phone call would be made to the owner and the RIAA would demand a whopping $2,000 payment per downloaded song or take the owner to court.
The RIAA has stopped making those phone calls.

In 2012, the United States Government shut down for copyright infringement.
The web site featured storage facilities and a program which allowed its customers to share files with each other.
In an attempt to gain more customers, megaupload wrote a commercial and hired a number of singers to perform it.
A lawsuit was filed claiming the song was violating the copyright infringement laws and the fact that the performers were under contract with UMG.
UMG lost the case in court.
However, UMG may have used their influence to get the US FBI involved and investigate for illegal file sharing.
The FBI did in fact find numerous violations and shut the web site down.
The owner of the site lived in New Zealand. That government seized all of the owner's assets because they believed the owner was not a resident of the country. When it was found out he was, his property was returned.
This case has never been taken to court.

During this fiasco, began a campaign of checking music being posted for copyright violation.
Many videos were removed for numerous reasons, even though no infringement happened.
Their reasoning was, if it was recorded, it is copyrighted.
They have stopped doing this as well.

Thank you.

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